Zimbabwean Legislation

Whilst not intended to be an exhaustive list, those considering undertaking engineering endeavours in Zimbabwe should make them selves familiar with the flowing Acts:

Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act
Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Regulations
Dangerous Drugs Act
Environmental Management Act
Environmental Management Regulations
Explosives Act
Factories & Works Act
Factories & Works Regulations
Forest Act
Hazard Substances Act
Hazard Substances Regulations
Labour Act
Labour Regulations
Liquor Act
Medical & Allied Substances Control Act
Medical Services Act
Mines & Minerals Act
Mines & Minerals Regulations
National Aids Council Act
National Museums and Monuments Act
Parks and Wildlife Act
Pneumoconiosis Act
Pneumoconiosis Regulations
Public Health Act
ZINWA (Water) Act
ZINWA Water Regulations

The Parliament of Zimbabwe has published a list of current legislation. Follow this link to download copies of Acts of Parliament (if available).

This is meant as an aid and is not an exhaustive list of applicable legislation. Seek professional advise from a lawyer or local Professional Engineer when in doubt.