Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers (ZIE)

ZIE in Brief: The Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers (ZIE) is a multi-disciplinary Institution covering all aspects of engineering in Zimbabwe. Its operation and membership are regulated by an Act of Parliament but the institution is a private body made up of its members. It is a learned Society similar in many ways to the Professional Institutions in other countries.

Organization:  The Institution was founded in 1944 as the Society of Engineers and received legal status as an Institution in 1952. It is governed by a policy-making Board made up of members elected from all grades of its own ranks. Decisions on the running of the institution are made at board meetings. For effective operation of the institution, the Board runs the institution using executive committees – Executive, Professional, Education and Qualifications, Learned Society and Membership Services and Finance and Staff Committee.

Purpose:  To set and maintain appropriate standards of Engineering and technician competence. To promote the advancement of Engineering and facilitate the transfer and dissemination of Engineering knowledge. To raise the character and status of the profession and promote public awareness and confidence in it. To ensure correct standards of professional conduct and ethics.

ZIE Rules of Conduct Rule 1. A member of the Institution, in the course of his employment and in pursuance of his profession, shall have due regard for the publication interest.

ZIE Rule2. A Member of the Institution shall act for his employer or for his client as a faithful agent and trustee and shall discharge his duties with integrity.

ZIE Rule3. A member of the Institution shall not act in any manner derogatory to the honor, dignity, integrity or reputation of the profession.

ZIE Rule4. A Member of the Institution shall not falsely, maliciously or recklessly injure or attempt to injure whether directly or indirectly the professional reputation of another engineer or technician.

ZIE Official Web Site www.zie.org.zw