Bulawayo Orthopaedic Hospital Site Visit & Technical Presentation 5/7/19

Date: Friday 5th July

Site visit: 4:00pm at Bulawayo Orthopaedic Hospital (old Robbie Gibson Hospital) Corner of Esigodini Road and Kenwood Road (near St Luke’s way)

Presentation: 5:30pm at Harry Allen Golf Club

ZIE Matabeleland Area members are invited to a site visit and talk on the new Bulawayo Orthopaedic Hospital (BOH) on Friday the 5th July. The BOH is a Build Operate and Transfer venture between UBH Hospital and the Zimbabwe Orthopaedic Trust that will see the construction of a multi-million-dollar facility to be used for orthopaedic surgery. The visit will focus on the engineering aspects of the project and the site tour will be followed by the monthly meeting at Harry Allen Golf Club. At the meeting Chris Rees will give a presentation on the BOH project. All members are invited to attend. Please ensure you have closed shoes and bring a hard hat if you have one.


June 19 Area Meeting & Additive Manufacturing Presentation

The ZIE Matabeleland Area meeting will be held at 17:30 this Friday the 7th June at the Harry Allen Golf Club.

Meeting will commence at 17:30 with feedback on Area activities.

AT 18:00 we will have a presentation from Eng Dr Lameck Mugwagwa Additive manufacturing (3D printing) – State of the Art and opportunities for Zimbabwe

Dr. Eng. Lameck Mugwagwa is a Lecturer in the Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering, NUST.

The success of manufacturing processes in today’s highly competitive global environment requires that manufacturers be able to develop high quality products rapidly, efficiently, cost effectively and with minimum waste.

Additive Manufacturing (AM), also known as layer-wise manufacturing or solid freeform fabrication, offers the capability of significantly reducing product development cycle times while at the same time minimising waste.

This talk presents AM as an enabler for global competitiveness. The current benefits & opportunities, applications of AM, as well as a peep into the future of the technology are discussed.
Presentation outline
 Evolution of additive manufacturing
 Classification of AM technologies
 AM basic principle
 Current applications
 Benefits to industry and academia
 Support technologies for AM
 AM as a disruptive technology
 Looking into the future
 Discussion

April 2019 – Solar Water Heating Site Tour


Eng. S Mhlanga led a ZIE tour of a Solar Water Heating Installation and gave a presentation at the ZIE Matabeleland Area Meeting on Friday 5th April 2019. An extremely well received visit and talk and great opportunity for our student members to get “hands on ” experience. Thanks go to Eng Mhlanga, NUST & Soltrain for arranging the tour and to Sir Humphrey Gibbs Training Centre for graciously welcoming our members.

April Meeting Notice – Soltran Tour & Talk

April 19 ZIE Matabeleland Area Meeting & Tour:

Friday 5th April

Tour of Soltran Solar Water Installation at Sir Humphrey Gibbs Training Centre at 15:00

Followed by the monthly Area Meeting and Technical Presentation by Eng S Mhlanga at Harry Allen Golf Club at 17:30

All engineers, technicians and students members welcome.

soltrain tour1