Appeal for donations in the form of cash, kind or prizes for NUST-National Engineering Students Awards Competition

Letter of Appeal for donations to ZIE Members (003)

14 May 2018


Dear ZIE Member


RE:      Appeal for donations in the form of cash, kind or prizes for NUST-National Engineering Students Awards Competition

The National University of Science & Technology under the auspices of  the Matabeleland Chapter of the Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers will be holding the annual Z.I.E Matabeleland Area NUST-National Engineering Students Competition Awards detailed below;

Competition: 30 May 2018.

Venue: Delta Lecture Theatre, NUST Campus, Corner Gwanda Road & Cecil Avenue, Bulawayo

Time:   0900 – 1700hrs


To facilitate the events on the date, the Competitions & Award Sub-committee wishes to appeal for donations in the form of cash or prizes to carter for the event of about 200 people.

You or your company is free to sponsor prizes and / or a trophy for the winning four students at local level who will represent NUST in the National Competitions to be held on a date and venue yet to be announced. You may choose to sponsor any line item on the attached budget.

Your company is free to sponsor T-Shirts (say 50) with your Logo and Event inscription for the Participants, ushers and other officials for the NUST local event.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Please accept our invitation and we expect your presence or that of your company representative so that we accommodate him/her during acknowledgements for company publicity as co-sponsor of the event.

Yours sincerely,


Eng. S. Mudono

NUST- Engineering Students Awards Competition (Chairperson)


Notice of May Meeting

The next ZIE Matabeleland Area meeting will be held on the 4th May at 5:30pm at the Harry Allen Golf Club. Following on from the well-received talk on Kariba by Eng Edmeades we will have another talk given by ZETDC on the Zimbabwean Power System. The talk will cover present and future generating capacity and potential tariff adjustments. This talk is targeted at a technical but not necessarily an electrical audience and should be relevant to all users of power.

The meeting will start at 17:30 concentrating on ZIE Matabeleland Area Admin with the talk scheduled to start at 18:00. Please forward potential items to be added to the agenda.

Please note that all engineers and technicians are welcome to attend regardless of ZIE membership status although we strongly encourage members and prospective members to regularise their membership.


Area Subscriptions

The area committee raises subs on a voluntary basis. Traditionally the funds have been used to pay for the venue and used for area activities (students competitions & site visits) and the occasional special meeting (AGM and Christmas Party).  We are not charged for the use of Harry Allen Golf Club hall, but it is understood that we will support their bar as a way of funding the club. In effect, the subs are used to buy a drink for meeting attendees as a way of paying for the venue.

In the past, we have received cash from members, but this is no longer feasible. The ZIE Mat Area committee have mandated our Treasurer to open a Ecocash account for the receipt of subs and donations. We are encouraging members to settle outstanding subscriptions and consider pre-paying subs.

We have the following Schemes:

Redemption: As professional people we know you will be able to recall your previous payments and your attendance and the value obtained from attendance. We are proposing a once off redemption payment in the amount you tell us is sufficient. If you make an Ecocash payment and inform the treasurer, she will normalise your account to the end of March 2018.

Regular Payment: Going forward, members who are able, are requested to pay $5 a month.

Pre-payment: Those looking for a deal can pay $50 for the year in advance thereby funding the Area, reducing your monthly admin & securing a 16% discount!

Sponsorship: We are also planning to have more guest speakers at our Area meetings. In addition to guest speakers we are also looking for sponsors of the presentations. In exchange for funding the Area, sponsors can display advertising material and make a short product pitch at the end of the presentation. If members are not able to sustainably pay their subs, perhaps they could get their companies or suppliers to sponsor a presentation.

The Area will be more relevant if better funded. All payments received will be accounted for and receipt issued.

Our Ecocash Number is maintained by Eng Agrippa Nleya :

Ecocash Number

Kariba, 59 Years On – Talk given By Eng Peter Edmeades

Eng Peter Edmeades gave his acclaimed talk on the Kariba Dam Wall at the recent ZIE Matabeleland Area meeting held on the 6th April 2018. Peter took time off from his busy consulting practice, Peter Williams & Partners, to bring local engineers up to date on the work to be undertaken on the Kariba Dam wall.

Peter briefly covered the history of the Kariba project and then went on to explain the maintenance and monitoring programs. He discussed the two main findings of the monitoring program: the issue of the plunge pool stability and the Stop Beam Guides. Peter briefly covered the proposed remedial work which is due to start next year.

Peter finished his presentation by discussing the water inflows and water required to feed the Hydro Electric turbines. This led to a discussion on sustainable use of the water following the recent installation of more turbines both on the North & South banks. Fortunately ZETDC Western Areas General Manager, Eng Lovermore Chinaka was on hand to  expand on the ZPC operational procedures of the turbines which ensure equitable and sustainable use of the water.

A copy of the slides presented can be obtained here. Kariba 59 Years on – P Edmeades

ZIE Matabeleland Area April Meeting 6th April

At this meeting, Eng. Peter Edmeades will give his internationally acclaimed talk on the Structural Integrity of the Kariba Dam wall. Peter is a well-respected local Civil Engineer with a wealth of experience and many unique insights into a matter often sensationally referred to in the press.

We will meet briefly to discuss Chapter matters at 5:30pm with the Guest Presentation starting promptly at 6:00pm.

We now have a ZIE Matabeleland Area Chapter Eco cash number for the receipt of local subscriptions (subs). This number, and the procedure for payment, will be announced at the meeting.  Details of a “once off debt forgiveness” payment for past transgressions and discount for advance payments will also be announced. Please carefully consider that the Area Chapter can be more relevant with your involvement and financial support. Donations will also be greatly received.

Please add this event to your diary and pass on the invitation to fellow engineers and technicians. We plan to have more presentations throughout the year so feel free to contact a committee member if you have any suggestions for future speakers or sponsors.