Kariba, 59 Years On – Talk given By Eng Peter Edmeades

Eng Peter Edmeades gave his acclaimed talk on the Kariba Dam Wall at the recent ZIE Matabeleland Area meeting held on the 6th April 2018. Peter took time off from his busy consulting practice, Peter Williams & Partners, to bring local engineers up to date on the work to be undertaken on the Kariba Dam wall.

Peter briefly covered the history of the Kariba project and then went on to explain the maintenance and monitoring programs. He discussed the two main findings of the monitoring program: the issue of the plunge pool stability and the Stop Beam Guides. Peter briefly covered the proposed remedial work which is due to start next year.

Peter finished his presentation by discussing the water inflows and water required to feed the Hydro Electric turbines. This led to a discussion on sustainable use of the water following the recent installation of more turbines both on the North & South banks. Fortunately ZETDC Western Areas General Manager, Eng Lovermore Chinaka was on hand to  expand on the ZPC operational procedures of the turbines which ensure equitable and sustainable use of the water.

A copy of the slides presented can be obtained here. Kariba 59 Years on – P Edmeades

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