ZIE Matabeleland Area April Meeting 6th April

At this meeting, Eng. Peter Edmeades will give his internationally acclaimed talk on the Structural Integrity of the Kariba Dam wall. Peter is a well-respected local Civil Engineer with a wealth of experience and many unique insights into a matter often sensationally referred to in the press.

We will meet briefly to discuss Chapter matters at 5:30pm with the Guest Presentation starting promptly at 6:00pm.

We now have a ZIE Matabeleland Area Chapter Eco cash number for the receipt of local subscriptions (subs). This number, and the procedure for payment, will be announced at the meeting.  Details of a “once off debt forgiveness” payment for past transgressions and discount for advance payments will also be announced. Please carefully consider that the Area Chapter can be more relevant with your involvement and financial support. Donations will also be greatly received.

Please add this event to your diary and pass on the invitation to fellow engineers and technicians. We plan to have more presentations throughout the year so feel free to contact a committee member if you have any suggestions for future speakers or sponsors.

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